PtMS Mobile Now Works with Driver Android Phones and Tablets

Gradyville, PA.

Automated Business Solutions, publishers of PtMS for Windows, have completed integration of the PtMS Mobile application with Android phone and tablet devices.  PtMS Mobile allows PtMS users to connect scheduling, dispatching and billing functions in real time to mobile devices in the vehicles. 

PtMS Mobile with Android devices supports the following features:
  1. Paperless driver schedules sent to drivers Android devices
  2. All PtMS schedule updates completed by schedulers or dispatchers are instantly sent to driver mobile devices
  3. Drivers can view schedules, verify pickup and drop-off of passengers, and capture odometer and fare information electronically
  4. Drivers can view route map to next stop from current location and get turn by turn directions with voice output
  5. GPS tracking of vehicles is available to PtMS Dispatchers including instant location of nearest vehicles to any stop
  6. Dispatcher and manager alerts for excessive vehicle speed, excessive idling, travel out of area, and on-time performance
  7. Text and canned messaging between driver and dispatchers

Automated Business Solutions is now providing demonstrations of this system with existing PtMS customers and new prospects.