PtMS schedule editing, cancelling and suspending trips

PtMS users can easily edit trips, cancel and suspend trips.

Trip Editing - Vehicles and Times

Most trip editing is changing trip vehicle assignments and adjusting pickup or drop-off times to assist with accomodate scheduling needs.

PtMS users can easily perform both of these tasks on one screen.

Select Vehicle Manifest on the Clients records Options tab to display the Vehicle Manifest Summary screen. On this screen uses can adjust the trip pickup and drop-off times and assigned vehicle in a simple spreadsheet type interface.

Trip Editing - Trip Details

Canceling Trips

Cancels are generally performed on a single day basis withing a week or less of a scheduled trip. Trips that are removed from the schedule more than a week in advance are generally considered trip suspensions.

To cancel a record displayed on the Vehicle Manifest Summary screen click the cancellation button and select the trip status:

Suspending Trips




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