PtMS for Windows Sample Reports

PtMS for Windows contains numerous reports.  A small sample of these reports is presented here with links to each report.  In most cases there are reports with breakouts by agency, funding, purpose, client, destination, vehicle and even county.  Other breakouts are available.  Note if logos appear on the sample report these are just examples and are configurable by the user - company graphics and logos can be added to the reports.

Also a summary of the PtMS reporting features is including below.

PtMS Reporting Features

PtMS reporting features summary click here.

Scheduling Reports

Driver's Vehicle Manifest Version 1
Driver's Vehicle Manifest Version 2
Driver's Vehicle Manifest Version 3
Dispatcher's Report By Vehicle
Dispatcher's Report by Vehicle Version 2
Scheduler's Report
Service Requests By OrderTaker Summary
Service Requests By OrderTaker Detail
Scheduled Trips by Vehicle by City

Billing Reports

Trip Verification Summary
Trips by Agency
Client Invoice Detail
Client Invoice Summary
Agency Invoice Summary

Management Reports

Daily Trips By Vehicle
Trip Summary By Agency
Trip Summary By Destination
Vehicle Performance
No Shows and Cancellations
Vehicle Service Summary

Other Reports

Client Mailing Labels

Exported Tables to Excel

Revenue Codes

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