PtMS for Windows Product Updates Links

Before installing any of these updates make sure all PtMS for Windows menu, reports and application programs are closed.    Use the product update page on desktop located in your PtMS for Windows folder.

Product:     Report Explorer           
Revised:     05/28/15
Notes:        After completing installing, run Report Explorer and login with Username=Admin; password=Admin                      

Product:    PtMS Screens
Revised:    07/31/15
Notes:       Click here for update details

Product:    Interactive Scheduler 
Revised:    04/23/14
Notes:       Contact ABS Customer Support to assist you with installing the latest version

Product:     PtMS Menu           
Revised:     03/01/14
Notes:        PtMS Menu now includes the PtMS SQL Database Update program on the Applications/Database menu. Tools menu includes DLL update on Tool Menu for new Text and Document handling features.  These will improve client notes handling and support new Incident Handling features in PtMS Screen updates that will be release in July 2012.   

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