PtMS for Windows Backup System

Revised 07/14/09


This backup system is designed to supplement but not replace your file server backup system which should be backing up your SQL Server Folder and database.

PtMS Backup Setup Instructions:

1. Create a folder C:\ptms_bu on the workstation you will run the backup on.

2. Create a scheduled task for the program

c:\program files\abs\ptmsaccess2007\PtMS_Backup.accdb

This program will backup up the SQL ptms database to an Access2007 database in the c:\ptms_bu folder. The file will be compressed into a *.RAR archive format.

If you want a copy of this backup folder to reside on your server setup a scheduled task for a batch file - for example, ptmsback.bat that includes the command:

Copy c:\ptms_bu\*.* <Network Driver backup folder>

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