Can PtMS Track Multiple Funding Sources paying for a trip?

PtMS is able to track multiple funding sources paying for a trip via its Service Authorization system integrated directly into the Client Record and Service Request process.

In the PtMS Client record, clients are assigned Service Authorizations that account for who is sponsoring their transportation service. The service authorization is comprised of 4 codes

Agency Code: Agency or contract sponsoring the trip - eg Medicaid, Area Agency on Aging, etc

Funding Code: Secondary source sponsoring the trip - this could be a grant source

Purpose Code: Trip purpose for reporting purposes - eg Medical, Education, Pharmacy, etc

Trip Code: This code is tied to a rate table which has a trip rate and trip fare

The trip rate can be based on numerous formulas, base rate, base rate + mileage, mileage only, etc. Trip fares can be flagged as cash payments collect as boarding fares or they can be fares charged to the client on an invoice basis. Effectively this allows split billing with part of the trip cost billed to the client and part to the contract/agency sponsor.





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