Trip Verification in PtMS for Windows

Trip Verification in PtMS for Windows

Once a service date is complete and PtMS users have posted the schedule to the Trip Transactions table for reporting and billing purposes, trips must be verified by the user to insure that they have been properly updated with trip status, actual pickup and drop-off times and any other items that require updating from the drivers trip sheets.

There are two exceptions that would exempt a user from having to verify trips after each service date.  The first exception is if the user is running PtMS Mobile.  PtMS Mobile automatically updates schedule records with trip results so that when they are posted to the Trip Transaction table they are posted as being verified.  The second exception is if the PtMS dispatchers are verifying trips in the PtMS for Windows Dispatch screen during the service date. This would require the dispatcher to update trips through communications with the drivers as they are completed.

This article will detail the process of verifying trips after they have been posted to the Trip Transactions table via System Processing (see System Processing help article for instructions on this process).  It assumes the PtMS user has the driver’s trip sheet as a primary document and is using it to record the trip results on the Trip Verification screen.

Click here for detailed instructions on Trip Verification.

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